Meowy Christmas Cat Treats

Meowy Christmas Cat Treats

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Meowy Christmas Cat Treats set is a combination of 3 bags of delicious treats- Xmas Cookies, Chicken bites and Cod fish bites. Human-quality pet food added with ProVet 100% Cordyceps Cs-4 Formula helps strengthening respiratory health & immune system and helps maintaining vitality. Our Xmas pack comes with our environmental friendly packing -- and an oven mitt/potholder, not only a great gift for your lovely kid but also a great support for our environment.

Xmas Cookies – Salmon flavor, red color:

Flour, Salmon, Cheese, Honey, Egg, Vegetable oil, Yogurt, Red Yeast Rice Powder, ProVet 100% Cordyceps Cs-4 Formula (Cordyceps Mycelium Powder (Cs-4)



Cod fish Bites:

Cod fish


Warning:Cat Food Only. Not for Human and other Pets Consumption

Storage Instructions:
Store in a cool and dry place
Keep out of reach of children and animals

Net weight: 85g

Made in Hong Kong